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Crater Lake National Park

Posted in Oregon on May 22, 2010 by Haunted History Blog

A postcard manufactured by C.T. Art-Colortone depicting haunted Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

Crater Lake is a National Park located in Southern Oregon which was established on May 22, 1902. The park encompasses Crater Lake, a body of water which rests in the remains of a destroyed volcano, and the surrounding forestland and hills.

The lake is 1,949 feet deep at its deepest point, making it the deepest lake in the United States. It also has no streams flowing into or out of it and is refilled entirely by direct rain and snow precipitation.

According to Native American legend, two spirits named Llao and Skell fought a gory battle on the lake. Llao apparently ripped Skell’s heart from his chest while Skelly retaliated by dismembering Llao and throwing his body parts into the lake.

Many people think that Crater Lake still contains the spirit of Llao. It is believed that when Llao is angered, he appears in the form of a giant crayfish and snatches people from the lake’s shore down into the water.

Park Rangers often report seeing burning fires on Wizard Island, a small island in the middle of the lake which served as a staging ground for Llao and Skell’s battle. When the rangers boat out to the center of the lake, however, there is no fire, cinder, or site of activity to be found.

Today Crater Lake serves as Oregon’s only National Park and is open daily to curious visitors from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the summer and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the winter. In addition to the magnificent atmosphere, the park also boasts a campground, visitor center, café, and restaurant.