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Stanley Hotel

Posted in Colorado on May 28, 2010 by Haunted History Blog

A postcard manufactured by Dexter Press Inc. depicting the haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

The Stanley Hotel is a 138-room lodge located in Estes Park, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It was constructed in Georgian style architecture by automobile designer Freelan O. Stanley and first opened doors on July 4, 1909.

During its early years, the Stanley Hotel catered to rich and famous guests like Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor of Japan, and John Philip Sousa. More recently the hotel hosted Stephen King who was inspired to write The Shining based upon his experiences while staying on the grounds.

While The Shining can be viewed on channel 42 in guest rooms every evening, the hotel is widely recognized for its other hauntings as well. Visitors have reported 100s of paranormal occurrences on the grounds, most of which transpire in the ballroom.

Kitchen staff often claim to hear a party taking place in the ballroom, only to find it empty and cold. People in the lobby have likewise heard the ballroom’s piano being played but have not been able to locate anybody sitting at the instrument.

Apparitions have also been reported to steal guests’ jewelry, watches, and luggage during their stay. While filming an episode of the television show Ghost Hunters, investigators stayed in a room with the “ghost thief” and noticed a moving bed and opening cupboards, among other occurrences.

Today the Stanley Hotel continues to operate as luxurious lodging for upscale visitors. People traveling through the area are encouraged to take advantage of one of the hotel’s nightly ghost tours which visits all the hot spots including the famed ballroom.