Niagara Falls

A postcard manufactured by Colourpicture Publications depicting the haunted Niagara Falls in New York State.

The Niagara Falls are a voluminous waterfall located on the Niagara River between New York State and Canada. Listed as one of the World’s seven natural wonders, the Falls were formed when receding glaciers carved a gorge through Niagara during the Ice Age.

The Falls are renowned for both their beauty and as a source of hydroelectric power. More than four million cubic feet of water flows from the Falls every minute making it the most powerful waterfall in America.

In October 1829, Sam Patch became the first documented person to plunge over the Falls and survive. His leap began a long tradition of daredevils attempting dangerous tricks over Niagara, but not all survived the descent.

The spirits of several people who perished at Niagara continue to haunt the landmark to this day. Visitors report strange apparitions at the base of the Falls and fisherman recently discovered the bones of a young Indian warrior sacrificed over the gorge.

Several ghost tours and haunted houses have capitalized on these legends and are currently open to tourists year round. An estimated 20 million tourists visit the Falls each year making it one of the World’s most popular destinations.


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